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CubanBest is one of the largest cigar stores in North America. Seventeen years of business experience directly in the cigar trade has allowed us to expand to two new CubanBest store locations located in the heart of Vancouver's downtown. Our dedicated team of specialists ensure top-quality service is delivered to our many customers in the US and worldwide.

We try to select only the best cigars in the world. We carry almost all Cuban cigars, and also carry cigars from the Dominican Republic such as Arturo Fuente, Ashton and Davidoff; cigars from Honduras such as Punch and Santa Rosa, and many other cigars from other countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, the Canary Islands, the Netherlands, Nicaragua and the Philippines. We also carry a full selection of cigarillos and pipe tobacco. In fact, CubanBest is also an ideal place for pipe smokers. CubanBest offers a large variety of pipes, humidors, and accessories including products from Dunhill, Peterson, Savineli, Brebbia, and many others.


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